Lorena Legarreta

Operations Director | Partner

Lorena is the CEO and Executive Producer of Dish’n Dames, a digital media platform dedicated to raising awareness of the significant and impactful roles of ​women in the culinary world. Her career spans over twenty years in the retail food industry and she is a founding partner of Brand & Mortar restaurant consulting group. Lorena has also served as a member of the culinary management team for the Austin and Nashville Food & Wine Festivals and as a senior culinary instructor at The Art Institute of Austin.


Lorena previously sat on the Board of Directors for The Junior League of Austin and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Restaurant Association Educational Foundation as well as on the Board for Les Dames d’ Escoffier Austin Chapter.  

Trish Wesevich

Strategic Director | Partner


Trish Wesevich started in the food industry as a caterer, personal chef and food writer. In 2012, she founded Capital Kitchens, a culinary incubator and commercial kitchen rental space for food and beverage startups. Under her leadership, Capital Kitchens, over an eight-year period, helped launch or support over 60 CPG brands and over 50 other food concepts. Over the years, Trish has served as a Mentor for several industry accelerators and organizations including Food+City, SKU and the Texas Consumer Venture Forum. She is a member of and has served on the Board of Les Dames d’Escoffier Austin Chapter and helped launched the Austin Food Trailer Chamber.

In late 2019, Trish transitioned her company to new owners and combined forces with her colleagues to form Brand & Mortar Group. A consulting group focused on CPG and restaurant solutions. Trish has a wide, national network, is a world traveler, and spends her time between Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

Natalie Gazaui

Culinary Director | Partner


Natalie Gazaui was raised in Montevideo, Uruguay and was inspired by the Basque and Middle Eastern influences that surrounded her home life. A visual art major and photographer, she went on to attend the Texas Culinary Academy where she earneda degree in Baking & Pastry Arts. She continued her training in Monforte d’Alba, Italy where she honed her skills before returning to Texas.  Natalie retuned to Austin and joined McGuire Moorman Hospitality where she took over all pastry programs for the famed restaurant group. Here she developed menus, recipes and grew the pastry program for Clark’s Oyster Bar, Elizabeth Street Café, Jeffrey’s, Josephine House, Lamberts and Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar.

Natalie’s advanced culinary experience lead her to join the opening culinary team for Eberly restaurant and in 2018 she made the leap into the consulting industry and joined the Tatsu-Ya family of Asian restaurants as their Executive Pastry Chef consultant, a first for the brand. In this role, Natalie helped refresh the existing dessert program and developed the new ice cream flavors and dessert menu profile for the organization’s new culinary venture, Dipdipdip Tatsu-Ya.

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